Sunday, 1 September 2013

I am totally obsessed with pink hair. I've been fixated with it for a while now and with a hairdressers appointment looming I am seriously considering taking the plunge and dying my mane a candyfloss pink. After hours and hours spent pouring over pictures of pink hair on tumblr, I've noticed there is a fine line between I-had-loads-of-friends-on-Myspace pink hair and Charlotte Free pink. I am lusting over the latter, a 90's-grunge take on candy floss hair, tonnes of texture but subtle enough for almost everyone to rock. It looks great on a range of skin tones, but I'm loving it with super dewy pale skin. My sources tell me to look out for pastel hair colours popping up at NYFW this week, I for one can't wait to see the use of hair colour to create playful looks with really textured, wintery outfits. Any one got any thoughts on pastel pink hair? Or are you preffering the muted lavender tone that Kelly Osbourne has opted for?

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  1. When I had bleach blonde hair, I dyed my hair pastel pink and loved it so so much! x